Aloes Oil  [aloeoil]

Capacity: 125 ml

Origin: Caribbean

Aloe oil comes from the plant extract concentrated aloe juice which is located in the heart of the leaf of this plant.
 It is used for millennia to heal the skin. Aloe is known for its healing properties, healing, soothing and anti-inflammatory.
 It relieves sunburn and restores proper hydration to the skin and clears eczema.

Applied over an area of ​​damaged skin, aloe accelerates the regeneration of cells.
In local application, it calms the pain caused by burns from fire, cold, boiling water, etc. It prevents the burning infected.
It greatly reduces the appearance of marks attributable to seborrhoea, herpes, rosacea, couperose, psoriasis, eczema,
 fungal infections, cold sores and cracking.
It relieves hemorrhoid (applied sparingly).

CAUTION the oil is not edible aloe unlike the aloe juice!

 Packaged in plastic bottle 6oz
Price: 12.90EUR
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